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British Design Innovation (BDI) have launched an Innovation Bank with an aim to positively improve the Intellectual property trading process between designers, originators; commercial and social entrepreneurs; academia; industry and dealmakers.

The launch of the Innovation Bank from the BDI is in line with its mission is to foster collaboration between members and create an environment to deliver sustainable innovation.

Why an Innovation Bank?
No service, product or proposition ever came to market without the intellectual knowledge and skills of several expert parties. Providing those parties with an accessible and equitable means of trading IP is beneficial to all concerned. Importantly, it assists originators to build their own asset base through IP license, royalty, equity and IP buy-out deals; at the same time as enabling access to lower risk innovation for groups from SME size to global players.

What is the Innovation Bank?
Innovation Bank (IB) is a unique IP trading portal developed by British Design Innovation specifically for the professional design and innovation community.

IB is a multi-dimensional, collaborative innovation model that respects and values the role that designers, originators, academics, technologists, industry, and deal makers play in generating commercial income through the creation of user-centric products, services and propositions & bringing them to market at the right time.
It’s safe, equitable and ethical. Non-disclosure is assured via professional membership.
Whilst innovation, concepts, ideas, applied research, technology, materials, IP, latent IP, propositions and knowledge transfer offers & needs are uploaded to the Bank, the management of the interests and trading within the Innovation Bank is serviced by BDI

Strategic Design Industry in a Paradigm Shift
The strategic design sector is going through a paradigm shift in terms of how it negotiates the purchase of its’ knowledge, skills and expertise with other players in the innovation space including entrepreneurs, vision-led SMEs up to the largest global players.

Arguably, strategic designers are a key group in the innovation process who have a unique thought process and skill base. Conversely their expertise, whilst critical, cannot be commercially adopted without the input and expertise of industry, academics, technologists and dealmakers. The IB provides strategic designers with the space in which to gain commercial recognition for their IP contribution to the innovation process, alongside those innovation originators in industry, science, technology and academia.

The role of the Innovation Bank in assisting change
The Innovation Bank is providing a service to assist product & service design development firms, structural packaging firms, high-end interactive and digital technology designers and high-end brand development firms to trade their own IP based propositions with industry in an equitable and safe manner.

Additionally,it enables all other innovation players, including the design originators, to communicate innovation criteria, needs and requests, between industry membership groups to gain key knowledge and identify the expert partners they require to complete the innovation circle.

The existence of Innovation Bank will assist all type and size of organisation to lower risk and share rewards in an equitable manner. Barriers can be broken down if professional players accept that innovation is not a ‘them and us’ scenario between originators and industry.

The Innovation Bank has been principally devised by British Design Innovation, led by its CEO Maxine J Horn, with the input and support of many of its national & regional board directors from product design development firms, industry, and academia and deal maker intermediary organisations.

he Innovation Bank facilities are provided free of charge to approved BDI members

British Design Innovation (BDI)
BDI is a not for profit; yet commercially focused, membership organisation which provides an environmentfor collaborative innovation and IP trading in a secure, equitable and ethical manner.

In that environment it provides the opportunity for Originators to come together with Industry and Dealmakers use innovation to resolve business, social and environmental issues on a commercial basis.

British Design Innovation
9 Pavilion Parade
01273 621378

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BDI has a portal in all nine English regions, plus Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, most supported by a board of regional directors. See BDI HQ web site and click on BDI Team for details