IPO Logo6 October    09:00 – 17:00    Brand Yorkshire -  Leeds

8 October 10.00 – 17.00 New Start Wales – Cardiff
9 October 10.00 – 16.00 New Start Wales – Cardiff

13 – 16 October British Invention Show 10th Anniversary – London

14 October 10.00 – 17.00 Business South West – Exeter
15 October 10.00 – 16.00

18 – 29 October World Intellectual Property Organisation & British Copyright Council Training Course

21 October 09.00 – 14.00 Creating a Brand for your Business – York

27 – 28 October Business North West – Manchester

3 November Intellectual Property, Innovation & the UK Economy – London

4 November 17.00 – 20.00 Innovation Halifax Business Support Event – Halifax

24 November 17.00 – 21.00 Protecting your Ideas & Inventions – London

30 November 16.00 – 18.00 Intellectual Property Clinic - Newport, South Wales

8 December 17.00 – 21.00 Creating a Brand for your Business – London

9 December 18.00 – 21.00 Creative Collaborations: the Legal Perspective – London

Teemo Pure Range ImageTeemo “Pure” range. Sculptural and functional glass furniture to inspire!

The new “Pure” collection of glass furniture by Teemo pushes the boundaries of what is possible with glass. Glued together using a clear and extremely high strength glue, each piece seems to improbably hang and balance together creating sculptural pieces that are also exceedingly functional. Nick Green, Teemo’s MD said, “Intellectual property is at the very heart of Teemo and, having spent a great deal of creative time and investment in our new products, one of the most important aspects is protecting our IP. Each time a new product is design we religiously send it to the ACID Design Data Bank. This provides us with the assurance that a responsible third party has evidence confirming the date the designs were received, an essential audit trail if anyone dared to copy us!”

As part of the new “Pure” collection Teemo have also introduced some painted glass elements giving blasts of colour within the range. There is a new coffee table that can be orientated in 3 positions to allow it to be a lamp table, end of sofa mini-shelf or low coffee table. Each position also incorporates storage as a secondary function.  Also included is a colourful and sculptural lamp table that seems quite impossibly to stay together made from 4 carefully proportioned and positioned squares of glass. All of these new items are available for purchase in small or larger quantities. As a design organisation Teemo can also design items for larger projects or make one off items to specification giving complete flexibility to contract, retail and domestic customers.

Meet the Teemo team at Stand B44 or vist their website: www.teemo.co.uk

A Bright Light on the Horizon..

John Etherington accepting his awardACID’s Trade Association Partner, the Lighting Association (LA), recently held their Gala Awards Night at Stratford Manor, Warwickshire.  ACID was sponsoring the awards along with other well known names such as Philips, Osram, The Energy Saving Trust, Spearmark and ACID Members Dar Lighting.  The after dinner speaker was the former MP and TV celebrity Gyles Brandreth whose speech was full of LA Member in- jokes and was extremely cleverly worded and performed.  For the first time ever, ACID supplied an intellectual property questionnaire to the LA to incorporate into the judging process and this section was marked by Peter Hunt, CEO of the LA.  ACID also offered 6 free 1 year memberships of ACID together with Safe Pitch Kits containing legal agreements and advice to set the new designers on the right road when striking commercial arrangements with prospective manufacturers.

Again, the standard was very high this year with the overall winner, John Etherington (above left) from Nottingham Trent University reigning supreme with his beautifully crafted ARC table lamp.  An interesting piece of work from Joseph Roberts from Aston University, Sputnik, an orb which traversed a metal arc and was multi positional, took second place with third place being filled by RCA’s Chris Taylor and his innovative Stem Light.  The Children’s sector was won by a partnership of Lise Carrillo & Marie Bachoc who joined forces at Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design to produce the child-friendly Buddylight.  The best flatwork section was awarded to Catherine Bailey, another Nottingham Trent University student, for her Mr. and Mrs. design.

The prestigious Phillips Award went to two new talents, Isabel Heubl of the University of Falmouth with her egg-shaped Rocky design and Charles Jarrett from Coventry University with his unbelievable Pouring Light ceiling lamp. The range of different University courses which the students attended was heartening as it showed that innovation can come from many areas and still be adapted for a particular industry.

The presentations were made by Gyles Brandreth, Rune Marki of Osram and Jonathan Lucas, President of the Lighting Association and Managing Director of ACID Member Elstead Lighting.

Full Results Below.

Student Lighting Designer of the Year 2010
John Etherington
University: Nottingham Trent University
Course: Product Design

2nd Place
Joseph Roberts
University: Aston University
Course: Industrial Product Design

3rd Place
Chris Taylor
University: Royal College of Art
Course: Ceramics & Glass

Children’s Student Lighting Designer of the Year
Lise Carrillo & Marie Bachoc
University: Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design
Course: MA Industrial Design

Philips Award 2010
Isabel Heubl
University: University College Falmouth
Course: 3D Design

Runner Up Philips Award 2010
Charles Jarrett
University: Coventry University
Course: Industrial Product Design

Best Flatwork
Catherine Bailey
University: Nottingham Trent University
Course: BA Furniture & Product Design

Peter Hunt – Lighting Association
Ivan Hayward – Ivan Hayward
Nicola McGuirk – Dar Lighting Ltd
Fiona Elliott – Elliott Associates
James Russil – Energy Saving Trust Ltd
Nic Mallinson – LIF
David Ellis – Osram Ltd
Simon Farmer – Spearmark International Ltd

Fashion Fringe LogoAn announcement of 3 Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden Finalists was made recently at The Club at The Ivy in London by John Galliano, Chairman of the Fashion Fringe Covent Garden platform.

In the lead up to the finals in September at London Fashion Week, all Finalists will receive mentoring in various different skills by business specialists. Last week the trio of finalists, Alice Palmer, Jade Kang and Corrie Nielsen were briefed on intellectual property issues in a one to one mentoring by Anti Copying ACID’s CEO Dids Macdonald.

During the session Dids identified specific areas and concerns of the individual designers and gave an overview of practical ways in which all designers can better protect their creativity and innovative ideas.     All Finalists were given a FREE year’s membership of ACID.  Below are a few tips from the mentoring sessions.

BE VIGILANT – Not just about others copying your designs but actual prototypes and samples can be stolen too. So ensure that there is CCTV and adequate security for your design studio.

KEEP A DESIGN AUDIT TRAIL – Sign and date all your work. Register your designs in the UK or EU if at all possible: www.ipo.gov.uk or www.oami.europa.eu
ACID members can use the free ACID Design Data Bank to deposit their design at key stages from the seed of an idea to finished product. This provides valuable third party evidence to support prior art. To join visit: www.acid.uk.com

IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE COPIED, SAY SO! Make a strong statement on your website, promotional material, product labeling such as, “All intellectual property rights are and will remain the property of (insert your name). Any infringements will be taken seriously.”

AGREEMENTS – NEVER send/leave prototypes or designs without a signed agreement
SAY NO TO PHOTOS – Unauthorised photography is the fastest and easiest way for other’s to steal your ideas.

The winners of the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards were announced in central London this week. Only in its second year and with nearly 400 entries from over 38 countries worldwide, the evening was a great success.

Judged by a highly-influential panel of top design, hospitality and lifestyle editors both the designers and hospitality operators were recognised for design excellence across a wide variety of categories. Overall winners for Best Restaurant were Galvin La Chapelle in London designed by designLSM Best Bar was awarded to The Tote in India designed by Serie Architects.

Cinimod Studio were commissioned to create a system unique to the event. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology was used to identify key visitors on the two ‘networking pods’ during the evening’s proceedings. The Awards were the first event that combined this technology to create a truly ‘connected’ environment.

The design of the Awards event reflected the entrants’ creativity and offered a unique space where guests were able to network effectively in innovative ways.

Guests were served a selection of Welsh inspired canapés created by Angela Gray, Bethan Gray and students of the LCHC at Hackney Community College. A ‘culinary design workshop’ held at Fonmon Castle in South Wales gave the students the knowledge and inspiration to create a series of canapés using some of Wales’ finest ingredients.

Drake & Morgan created and served some exquisite ‘skinny’ cocktails, plus guests enjoyed Chateau du Seuil wine, Sputnik vodka and Tomos Watkin beer from The Hurns Brewery. Attended by over 350 of the UK and worlds top hospitality designers, architects and operators, this was one of the most exciting events in the design calendar.

View the website: www.restaurantandbardesignawards.com

A chance to go to a big QUIZ night out at the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club on Thursday 20th May 2010.

Why not put a team together and chance your luck against the best at a fantastic general knowledge quiz night organized by the Alliance Against IP Theft (ACID are keen and proud members).  DMH Stallard and ACID are joining forces as one team for the night.

  • High street shops are closing
  • Trading standards budgets are being cut
  • The Proceeds of Crime Act is not being used enough to strip criminals of their assets and raise vital funds for enforcement

Money raised from the Quiz Night will go directly into campaigns to encourage councillors & local authorities to prioritise the work of Trading Standards.  Funds are urgently needed to alert local authorities to the damage and harm caused by IP theft – see this month’s news story on counterfeiting.

We need auction prizes – any unusual items gratefully received as well as raffle prizes & items for goody bags so if any ACID members have any new products to be promoted or storage clear-outs, or merchandise all donations will be very gratefully received.

We also would like to do a real v fake competition – we need one of each – and the overall winner gets to keep one of the real ones!  If you have any examples from previous issues that you could donate please telephone Mandy Lewis (0782 6545767) for further information and details of where to send your donations.

Download the Quiz Night Application Form here.




The British Library has Everything you need to start and grow a business

Have you visited the Business & IP Centre at the British Library?

They support entrepreneurs and innovators from the first spark of inspiration to successfully developing a business. It’s free and easy to use.  For access to a whole range of workshops and events click below.
British Library Workshops & Events

On April 26, 2010, WIPO celebrates the 10th anniversary of World Intellectual Property Day. The theme of World IP Day in this celebratory year is “INNOVATION – LINKING THE WORLD.”

On World Intellectual Property Day 2010, in an open letter to Chancellor Alastair Darling and Shadow Chancellors George Osborne and Vince Cable, Dids Macdonald, Chief Executive of ACID (Anti Copying in Design) said, “WIPO Day 2010 will also see the start of a new and ongoing campaign launched by ACID (Anti Copying in Design) to encourage UK PLC’s to include the respect for intellectual property (IP) in their Corporate Social Responsibility commitments. Years of campaigning by pioneers has resulted in many PLCs now focusing, quite rightly, on a raft of ethical issues; human rights, sustainability, the environment, employee welfare, etc.  All too often, however, the communication of high ethical standards and respect for IP do not get a mention. A simple statement such as, “(name of company) respects the intellectual property rights of other companies and individuals” would go a long way to ensure that UK innovators and creators could rely on the knowledge that they could trade with ethical companies who demonstrate a commitment to encourage respect for IP.

The economy will play a central role in the election campaign and the new Chancellor will need to demonstrate how he will stimulate recovery from the longest recession in modern times. Tax, financial regulation and public spending policy will be at the top of the agenda. However, another effective way to foster the green shoots of recovery is by innovation, creativity and a knowledge economy encouraging collaborative use of IP, safe from the threats of infringement. Key UK PLCs who take the important step of declaring their positive policy on intellectual property in their CSR will compel other market leaders to follow suit and, hopefully, it will become a ‘must have’ for ethical trading inclusion. After all, in tough economic times it will be the knowledge economy and the encouragement of innovation and creativity which will be a significant stamp in the passport to economic recovery.”

Commenting on WIPO Day 2010, Director General Francis Gurry said, “Rapid innovation and its global adoption has transformed our outlook. We are now linked – physically, intellectually, socially and culturally – in ways that were impossible to imagine. This universal connectivity, sustained by the Web and wireless technology, has huge implications for the future. With the ‘death of distance’ we are no longer limited by physical location – and the benefits are legion. Innovative technologies are creating a truly global society. WIPO is dedicated to ensuring that the intellectual property system continues to serve its most fundamental purpose of encouraging innovation and creativity; and that the benefits of the system are accessible to all – helping to bring the world closer.”

To find out more about the campaign, please email Dids Macdonald, CEO of ACID at didsm@acid.uk.com or telephone 0845 644 3617

Editors Notes:

ACID (Anti Copying in Design) has, to date completed over 2000 on the spot mediations at ACID Accredited exhibitions using the ACID Exhibition Protocol. This is a non-confrontational means by which all exhibitors can communicate an alleged IP complaint to another exhibitor. Of the 2000+ complaints, only 30% required further legal action and of those, the majority were successfully settled by a letter before action and legal undertakings. Contact: Dids Macdonald 0845 644 3617 didsm@acid.uk.com

Restaurant LogocpRestaurant & Bar Design Awards to be held overlooking London’s new Olympic park

The winners of the second Restaurant and Bar Design Awards will be announced at a cutting edge ceremony at Westfield Stratford City, overlooking London’s Olympic Park on the evening of the 22nd June 2010. With nearly 400 entries from over 38 countries worldwide, the shortlist has been selected by a judging panel of the most influential editors in design, hospitality and style. Attended by the UK and world’ stop architectual, interior and lighting designers and their respective hotel,  restaurant and bar operators, the event promises to be the most innovative and exciting events in the design and hospitality calendar. Tickets are limited and may be purchased through the Awards website.


 The BBC Dragons’ Den programme is accepting applications for its new series: 

‘We are searching for business ideas, inventions or products with serious business potential that are investment ready and looking for funding.’

According to the programme’s producers, Dragons Den is a challenging place to pitch, but it’s also a genuine business opportunity to secure investment. Over the previous seven series the Dragons have pledged to invest over 8 million pounds in a wide variety of business ideas and have personally changed the lives of over 70 entrepreneurs. In the most recent series, 15 entrepreneurs received offers of investment in the Den and plenty more have gone on to find success even without the backing of the Dragons.

Anybody who would like to apply can do so by emailing dragonsden@bbc.co.uk – or by visiting the website: www.bbc.co.uk/dragonsdenClick here for additional information.

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